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The Adventures of Robin Hood - Outlaw Money (1956)

An episode of the popular 1950s television series "The Adventures of Robin Hood" called 'Outlaw Money'. Robin Hood and his gang make fake money to feed the poor. This accidently creates trouble for Friar Tuck.

Run time 25 minutes 1 seconds
Audio/Visual sound


Reviewer: richgoup - - October 20, 2011
Subject: Outlaw Money (The Adventures of Robin Hood).
Season 2, episode 12.
Original air date: 17 December 1956.
Cast: Richard Greene (Robin Hood), Alexander Gauge (Friar Tuck), Sidney James (Master Henry), Alan Wheatley (Sheriff of Nottingham), Archie Duncan (Little John), Leonard Sachs (Minter(, Paul Eddington (Count William), Martin Lane (Sheriff`s Lieutenant), Victor Woolf (Derwent), Shaun O`Riordan (Quentin), Richard Pascoe (Rufus), Elster Kay (Marketmaster) and Walter Horsburgh (Bishop).
From IMDB.
Reviewer: Eddystone - - October 4, 2010
Subject: Episode info
This one is episode 12 of season 2 (51st episode, counting consecutively from season 1, episode 1).